Downloading TikTok story Is one of the biggest needs for users of TikTok and only a few software can allow this. But these don't guarantee any safety to do so and also use your personal information so instead of downloading this software, you can go to this website and use this TikTok story downloader for free. It does not even use your personal information or cell phone data. You can use your device or use a web app to get the link to the TikTok story by using any kind of browser. The stories can be of any person and from any account whether private or public and can be of different sizes based on their length, but all of them can be downloaded with this Download TikTok Stories web program. This website will help you with the easiest and fastest downloadable link to let you enjoy the stories for free.

So with the help of this free-of-cost TikTok story viewer you can download TikTok Story for free and interestingly it would be very easy to use as well. You can download videos and stories from the TikTok using this downloader as it is the fastest to download all you need with one single click and in many different formats including the mp4 or the mp3. So how do you download it? You might want to know so let us see in this article.

Watching stories on TikTok is fun yet you require a web link to watch those stories and there is no such component for saving videos on your gadget, SSSTikTok is an internet-based apparatus where you can download any of your best stories without paying any charges. It is totally allowed to use and there is no limit on downloading the quantity of free videos.

Find the TikTok story that you want to save

First of all, you have to copy the TikTok story link to your favorite video from the app. You can find the story link option through the TikTok story menu that is given on the side of the story you want to download.
You can also open the TT app and grab the link of the story you wish to save in the mp4 format. Then find its share button on the screen, it will be in the right corner. Click on it and then find the “Copy TikTok story link”

Paste the link at the top of the page.

Now open This website page and use its TikTok story converter to convert your TikTok story to mp3 files without any charges. So when you copy the link then paste that TikTok story link into a given bar that says ‘Paste TikTok story link in this box’.

Download TikTok Stories without a watermark

When it is all done then the Download TikTok Stories option will show up and you can scroll to find the "Download TikTok Stories" link button. It may be given as some story format file option. Then you can use the one you like, usually, mp4 is preferred.

So this is all about it, now if you would like to know how you can download it on your mobile phone then read the next section below:

How to download TikTok stories on a mobile phone?

Using a web PC can be a simple way to start your TikTok video downloading journey if saving these videos on your Android device is getting tougher and you would like to use a different approach with more enhanced features. On the PC device, you can get more storage and choose a better video quality over the ones given on the Androids. So you should follow the steps given below in order to download the TikTok videos on your PC device without getting a ban on your TikTok account.

First of all, you have to find the video link to your TikTok video that you need on your PC from the PC Windows browser app.

Then you have to copy the video link right from your browser and make sure the internet connection is good.

Then you can visit this website page and paste the link here to download the video on your device.

Please make sure that:

The web browser has access to viewing the story that you want to save.

And that it does not cause any trouble.

The video link to this TikTok video is accessible in a browser and has no strict privacy settings.

Can I save TikTok stories, videos, or slideshows from my profile?

There is indeed a way to download your stories, videos, and slideshows from your profile by downloading it through the TikTok story downloader from this website. The clear steps are given below:

First of all, you have to copy the TikTok story link to your favorite story from the app by clicking on it.

Now open The TikTok browser application and paste that TikTok story link into a given bar.

After pasting you will be able to see a Download TikTok Stories icon, you have to click on that icon.

After that, you will be provided with options of choosing TikTok story quality and you can choose any of them.

Now you have to click on that Download TikTok Stories button and within a few seconds the downloaded story will be saved in your gallery.

Do I need to pay to use TikTok story downloader?

Some other unknown applications in the market will offer you ways of downloading TikTok stories for some cost however there are a few issues while using these applications, they are not quick and dependable and you need to download an additional application to save stories, on the other hand, this TikTok story downloader is a web-based program where you can download stories with-in couple of moments for free of cost and without downloading an additional application for this reason. It is totally free and costs nothing.